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Corporate Services, we offer important services for your corporation that will help you run your business smoothly. We take a lot of the worry out of business management with our superb investigative services.

- Employee Background Checks
It is very important to know as much as possible about the people you are hiring today. With our background checks we can answer those questions for you. Are they being honest? Have they ever been convicted of a crime? Have they ever filed for Workers Compensation benefits? Are they the person they say they are?

- Workers Compensation
Does your company have people claiming worker's compensation against you? Are you sure they are injured? Many people claim injuries that did not actually happen while on the job. Often worker's compensation insurance companies pay benefits rather then investigating the claim. This is considered “nuisance payment”. It is easier for them to pay then to investigate the claim. Of course this raises the cost of your insurance.

- Cargo Investigations Down Time
Do you have employees on the road? Do you know where they are and if they are doing what you are paying them to do? Are your drivers sitting in a coffee shop when they are supposed to doing your deliveries? Are your sales people seeking clients for you or are they conducting their own business?

- Fraud Investigations

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