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Our lead investigator, Ray Gibson, has over 40 years of experience in the field of investigation.  Ray started his career working with the military police and criminal investigation department with the United States Marine Corps.  He served in the Marines for 8 years and was discharged medically after his service in Viet Nam.  At that time with a family to support, Ray began in the field of security and investigation.  He opened his first company in 1967 after his discharge from active service.

  Over the last forty years Ray has worked closely with lawyers, police, and insurance companies as well as individuals.  He has done investigative work concerning worker's compensation fraud, domestic cases for individuals and attorneys.  He has been instrumental in solving missing person cases and has worked closely with most Metro Detroit police departments.  He has helped individuals solve child custody cases and has been a direct reason many of his clients have received better divorce settlements.

  Ray is a lifelong Detroit Metro area resident.  He is a family man with close family ties to his five children and grandchildren.  Ray believes in honesty and integrity in both his personal life as well as his business dealings.    

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