Lawyer Services
Domestic Investigations
Lawyer Services
Lawyer Services

Lawyer Services, The Bureau of Confidential Investigations has been serving the legal profession for over 30 years.  We have been instrumental in solving many cases in the legal and insurance fields.

- Locate Service/Skip Trace
We at the Bureau of Confidential Investigations can locate individuals when others can’t.  We use a combination of computer searches, investigative foot work, & surveillance.

- Domestic Services
The Bureau of Confidential Investigations can help your clients determine such things as their spouse’s whereabouts, income, and life style. With our video surveillance as well as personal surveillance we can help your firm obtain the best settlement for your clients.

- Accident Reconstruction
Our investigators can reconstruct the accident that your client was in by investigating the scene. We use a combination of techniques in our investigations

- Court Fillings
Let our investigators do your leg work. We have been filing court papers for legal firms for over 20 years. Our company understands what the court requires and we will get it done correctly for your firm.

- Process Service
Our company’s turn around time is usually within 24 hours. We specialize in services that are difficult to serve.

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