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Lawyer Services
Domestic Services

Domestic services, no one wants to think their closest relationship will end.  Though according to the statistics today, more than 40% of marriages end in divorce.  With non-marital relationships, the percentage is even higher!

- Investigate Your Mate !!! 
How much do you know about the person you are dating? Are you in the middle of a nasty divorce?  Are you battling your spouse for child custody?

- Surveillance

- Background Checks
Let the Bureau of Confidential Investigation check into their background for you. With our recourses we can help you have the confidence you should have about the following questions. How much do you know about the person you are dating? Are you planning a wedding? Let our company run a check on your significant other before it's too late! Know where they have lived before, if they have been married previously. Are you sure they are telling you the whole truth. Do you have doubts?

- Asset Checks
The Bureau of Confidential Investigation has the best source available to check where assets lie. If there are assets we can find them! Does your spouse have money hidden that you are not aware of? Do they have a separate bank account? Have they been planning to leave the marriage for awhile and saved assets you know nothing about?

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